Robert J. Labate | Professionals

Copyright Infringement, Defamation and Right of Publicity Litigation

  • Represented a major media company and several of its television stations in a copyright infringement action regarding photographs used on station websites; the case was dismissed by consent of the parties soon after our Chicago Team filed, against the plaintiff, a motion to dismiss and for sanctions for discovery violations and for failure to comply with court orders
  • Assisted an international beverage company against claims of infringement by copyright owners of music used by the company in YouTube promotions
  • Represented a television station and its parent media company accused of failing to license more than 1,000 musical compositions used in four series of contest programs over a period of three years
  • Assisted the owner of three major grocery store chains and one of those grocery chains in connection with false and defamatory advertising campaign initiated by a competing supermarket chain

Media and Television – Transactional Media

  • Assisted a major Canadian media company with licensing of substantially all of its kids’ programming content to a leading U.S. Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) provider and provided analysis of potential licensing, royalty payment and infringement issues
  • Collaborated with other Media Practice Team members to develop and implement comprehensive copyright clearance programs for newsroom producers and, separately, for advertising executives at 90 television stations throughout the country; the program includes standard clearance procedures, fair-use guidance, agreements and licensing, webinars with station news directors and producers, and procedures for use of third-party materials such as images, photos and videos
  • Prepared and negotiated production, host and executive producer agreements for new celebrity-chef television series to air on A+E
  • Represented the producer of a Top 10 iTunes podcast series in connection with licensing, distribution and rights acquisition issues together with publication of a new book based on the podcast series
  • Advised celebrity chef on all media activities including participation in “Iron Chef Gauntlet” series premiering on Food Network
  • Negotiated host agreement for new television series premiering on DirectTV

Advertising, Sponsorship, Celebrity Endorsement and Promotional Agreements

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